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scintillate & STEAL THE SHOw.

Get supreme 1:1 VIP support to channel your Legendary Legacy, communicate confidently on camera, captivate center stage, and soar to success.

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The premiere VIP program to help you gracefully graduate in 4 1:1 sessions from Ingenue to Visibility Pro, learn what to actually do to shine on stage & camera, & mesmerize as a magnetic messenger who serves at the highest level.

DO you crave private support so you can share your message in a way that feels aligned & authentically YOU? ARE YOU eager to cut to the chase and get the skinny on what will actually work for your business when it comes to expanding your visibility? Finally, DO you DESIRE a roadmap to increased exposure & success?

A Leading Lady Intensive is perfect for you if:

~ you have a speaking engagement or launch to prep for and find yourself shaking in your boots.
~ you fear amateur quality video Marketing/ branding/ FB Lives may devalue your brand.
~ you're frustrated by the lack of support in group programs and a one size fits all approach.
~ diy online tech tutorials make you dizzy.
~ you're afraid of looking inexperienced or worse to your ideal clients on camera &
~ you're missing an experienced guide who can teach you how to connect, captivate, and call in more soulmate clients.

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The supreme 90-day 1:1 solution to help you establish yourself as an expert, connect you to your dream clients in a vulnerable and authentic way, and make the impact and income you desire while stepping up fully as a Soulpreneur Superstar.

Are fears of visibility paralyzing you from pushing play? Do you seek to Supercharge your self-esteem and boost your body image? FINALLY, do you desire to Discover your dream clients, discern what they crave, and deliver the solution they seek as a legendary leader?

Superstar Siren Secrets is perfect for you if you're looking to:

~ Conquer procrastination and kick perfectionism to the curb.

~ Channel your big why into a business you love.

~ Create offerings from your soul that inspire and transform your soulmate clients.

~ Acquire A-list secrets to sparkle with confidence on camera.

~ Scintillate on a larger stage by activating your authentic voice on video &

~ convert fans into clients by invigorating them with your truth & enrolling them into the fabulous future of their dreams.

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Enrollment Opens Soon!


One of my greatest gifts as a Sacred Success Strategist is assisting fellow go-getting goddesses to achieve their goals. Thus, out of a delicious desire to pay-it-forward (after swimming like a real Siren in the aqua-hued Aegean), the Intuitive Icon Inner Circle was born.

This is not a program per se, but rather an initiation, a 6-month odyssey into the deepest part of your soul where you will meet your shadow and dance with it, integrating all parts of you and singing them home.

Once inside, you will attune your awareness to even sharper streams of intuition and sense the unfolding meaning in the signs and symbols that are way-showers as you ascend to spirit-aligned success.

In addition, you will explore your belief structures, discard what keeps you stuck, and harmonize with supportive stories that literally accelerate your achievements.

Also, you will retrieve your radiance and lost power so you can overcome persecution and procrastination and go wholeheartedly ALL IN in your life and biz.

Focusing on flow and trusting the process, you will encounter the fount of your creativity and discover how to unleash it so you always align with your highest intended vision, go from dreaming to doing, teach from your truth, and lead from the inner compass of your light as a Luminous Leader.

A hybrid between 1:1 and group mentoring, the Intuitive Icon Inner Circle allows you to draw upon the intelligence and resonance of the collective container which fosters innovative exchange and accountability as well as enjoy 1:1 sacred success strategy sessions to help you feel into your highest frequency and begin living your next level life and biz now.

Finally, you will learn to access an array of metaphysical tools and sacred tech to alchemize your aspirations, balance yourself and the planet, and activate your Client Kin as an Architect of Ascension.

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