Leading Lady intensive


Elegant Entrepreneur, way to go!

If you've found your way here, it’s surely synchronicity...

I believe with all my heart that you have a unique voice and that your message is sacred.

That's why I've made it my mission to empower women visionaries just like you to step into the spotlight and wow the world with their wisdom.


If a Leading Lady Intensive sounds exciting to you, chances are you crave private support so you can share your message in a way that feels aligned and authentically YOU.

You’re also eager to cut to the chase and get the skinny on what will actually work for your business when it comes to expanding your visibility.

Finally, you want a clear roadmap to increased exposure and success.

And yet...

  • Do you frequently fail to follow-through despite vowing to make expanding your impact a priority?

  • Are you so overwhelmed by all the“free” tips out there that you just can’t seem to get started?

  • Do you have a speaking engagement or launch to prep for and find yourself shaking in your boots?

  • Do you fear amateur quality video Marketing/ branding/ FB Lives may devalue your brand?

  • Are you frustrated by the lack of support in group programs and a one size fits all approach?

  • Does the idea of online tech tutorials make you dizzy?

  • Are you afraid of looking inexperienced or worse to your ideal clients on camera?

  • Are you missing an experienced guide who can teach you how to connect, captivate, and call in more soulmate clients?

If this describes you, you've come to the right place: it's time to stop struggling and step up and shine!

Leading Lady Intensives are perfect for you if:

  1. You're looking to graduate from ingenue to visibility pro as fast as possible.

  2. You want a tailor-made program that totally fits YOUR needs.

  3. You want people to quit telling you to “just be yourself” and actually show you what to do to shine on stage and on camera.

  4. You’re ready to stop spinning your wheels with biz to-dos that barely move the needle and start shining as the magnetic messenger who serves at the highest level.

  5. You want to enhance your expressive skills and step into a starring role in your life and business.

  6. You’re willing to to end procrastination and kick perfectionism to the curb.

  7. You long to become an intuitive influencer and build your brand while playing in paradise.

Leading Lady Intensives take place over Skype in the privacy of your office or home whenever they fit YOUR schedule. Alternatively, you are invited to do your intensive with me LIVE in Ireland!



You receive:
half day INTENSIVE=
30 min prep call
4 hrs Skype or in person mentoring
30 min Success Siren Strategy Session

When you enroll, not only will you receive the support and accountability of a mentor who believes 100% in your magnetic message, you'll be absolutely amazed at who you'll become in the process of achieving Visibility Virtuosity!

To take charge of your success and see if a Leading Lady Intensive is a fit for you, fill out the short form here or reach out to me over Messenger!

P.S. Because I choose to only work with a select group of clients in a couture coaching capacity, and due to high demand spaces are limited, so don't delay, connect today! Call in your highest good and claim your spot now- it's your time to shine!

To Your Scintillating Success,

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