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Sharpen your speaking skills, magnetize with your message, call in clients & showcase your superpowers.


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Crystal clear & confident on camera

In this course you'll learn how to vamp your visibility the high-vibe way so you can sign more soulmate clients and live the luxurious laptop lifestyle of your dreams!

Over the course of five modules, you'll learn holistic visibility secrets to help you sanctify your space, slay self-doubt, shed shyness and shame, and supercharge your video marketing attraction abilities.

This course is for you if:
- you're done hiding and are ready to shine!
- you've had it with trite templates and yearn to channel your authentic truth on camera.
- you desire to unleash your vocal and visual virtuosity for maximum impact on video.
- you're ready to overcome overwhelm and procrastination and actually enjoy making videos.
- you're eager to connect with ideal clients who can't wait to answer your call to action and enroll in your programs!

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A 28-day online immersion for Visionaries and Healers who are ready to stop rehearsing and resisting and instead start fully empowering their higher selves to succeed- Doors Open Soon!

calling PERFECTIONISTS AND OVERACHIEVERS WHO ARE STUCK in self-sabotage AND CAN'T PASS GO: get set to embark on 28-DAY ELEMENTAL ADVENTURE INTO ENIGMATIC EXCELLENCE AND ENERGetic ALIGNMENT SO you can blast through self-created barriers and get paid to play.

Elemental Excellence was downloaded to help you ground your 5-D visions more easily in 3-D by declaring your dreams already DONE in the Divine mind so you can call in all the clarity and confidence needed to convert them into concrete accomplishment.

~ In week 1 you will clear the clutter clogging your courage so you can ignite your creative incubator, purify your beliefs, and release the limitations and excuses that hold you back.

~ In week 2 you will explore how to constructively equalize your emotions, and embody your vision by watering the creative seed that has started to sprout.

~ In week 3 you will discover how to take consistent inspired action to ground your dreams and birth them into abundance and

~In week 4 you will intensify your co-creation with the divine, increase your intuition, and continue to communicate your genius in the world as your honor the completion of your quest.


Visibility alchemy

Visibility Alchemy is THE holistic branding solution for Soulpreneurs looking to stand out & skyrocket sales with the help of their stars.

You're in the right place if you're excited to increase your income and impact & if you’re sick of hiding in the shadows & playing small.

On this 8-week journey you will learn:

~ how your magic number, your astrological BLUEPRINT holds your unique keys to SHINE.

~ how to serve from your STRENGTHS and create SAFETY as you build your BEAUTIFUL BRAND.

~ why getting SPECIFIC about who you serve and what solution you offer is KEY to SACRED SUCCESS. (And how your STARS can help you!)

~ how to distill your multi dimensional talents into a STAND OUT system that solves a pressing problem for your clients and makes them clamor for MORE.

~ how to AMPLIFY your client attraction CHARISMA.

~ how to CAPTIVATE clients with your magnetic MESSAGE.

~ how to harness your POWER of presence to ENROLL more soulmate clients in your programs.

~ how to polish your performance thanks to your primary element and align with the promotional channels that resonate with your vibe so you can attract your tribe.