How to Be Confident on Camera & Captivate Clients

“Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it.” ~ Martha Graham


Let’s face it, ACTING is...HARD.


~ Hustle that leaves you in a huff.

~ And struggle that leaves you stressed.


~ Pretending on the outside but pining on the inside.

~ And it’s outwardly and awkwardly simulating success on screen whilst internally shaking with the fear of not knowing when the next client will show up.

Besides frustration with tech overwhelm, the #1 fear that keeps my clients stuck in painful procrastination and paralysis when it comes to communicating their authentic truth on camera is fear of judgment, ridicule, and persecution.


The Cure?

1. Creating a safe, sacred space in which to experiment STREAMING YOU and

2. Making friends with FEELING so you can align with the vibration that births your bliss into being.

For example, write a Love List of all the compliments and positive feedback you’ve ever received. Then, when you’re frustrated or anxious about the way you look or sound on camera, relive these peak experiences with ALL your senses.

Sacred intention and resonating with the exact FEELINGS your channeled communication will produce, is a surefire way to boost your confidence and help you embody your magic as a magnetic messenger.

Otherwise the stark truth is, your clients will unmask your fake it til you make it mentality no matter how much forced bravado you try to muster on camera.

I clearly remember painful audition after painful audition where my false confidence fell apart leaving me slain by self-loathing and self-sabotage.

Let’s learn from my mistakes!

A great teacher once taught me to stop acting and start telling the truth.

There are few things as vulnerable as taking center stage and abandoning your plan of how you’ll deliver your lines, how your character will move, and what you’ll do to ensure the show’s a hit and everybody loved you.

Instead the most compelling moments are those in which you are ignited by instinct, totally naked in the now, and open to be the creative chalice into which uncharted truth flows.

Your soulmate clients crave your service and it is your divine dharma to stand and deliver:

~ Perfect in your imperfection

~ And humbling in your humanity.

Therefore, a sure fire way to become a perfect vibrational match for the camera confidence you seek is to delve into your own DESIRES!

Yep that’s right it’s time to dive deep into what is TRULY driving you, what you live for and lust after...

The desire for expansion is inherent in our divine evolutionary design, my Dear.

To get SEEN it’s time to stop waiting in the wings and instead saunter out into the world with your wild & wooly weirdness so you can unapologetically ATTRACT the sacred soulmate clients you were put here to serve.

And that’s going to ask for a SACRIFICE (ooh scary big S word!) but I promise it will feel sublime!

You will however need to trade the false security seeming perfection affords you for the authentic, raw, and very real you.

Time to rip the band-aid of the filter off and start LIVE STREAMING YOUR LOVES!

Show us the sweater you hand knit,

Sing the song you just penned,

Ravish us with your radiant rants,

Captivate us with your compassion and connection...

You get the picture!

When you are in the flow fully showing up as YOU...

Well, you’re engaging and enthralling and a magnet for soulmate clients galore...

Your purpose is precious so this week I challenge you to embody your excellence, harness the power of presence, and show up like a Star on screen so you can attract your tribe with your vibe.