The Secret to Slaying Start Up Stress & Tech Overwhelm


Can I get a high-five if this resonates?!

Do you feel as if you’re still hanging on to the hamster wheel of startup stress for dear life?

Are you struggling to solidify your special sauce into a scintillating solution your soulmate clients sign up for- in seconds?

Here’s a secret:

The magic lies in your mojo!

That’s right, when you dare to bare your passion and channel it straight from the heart into a SPECIFIC sacred offering your clients are clamoring for- you become the go to authority, the beacon of light and inspiration your tribe will turn to again and again.

But how do you pinpoint that passion?

A. By practicing pattern interrupts.

Meaning breaking out of the routine that keeps you from taking the risks that set your soul on fire.

In 2015 I spent every penny I had on a visionary business mastermind in Bali and now I inspire my own soulmate clients to do the same in sacred settings that spark their spirits into super aligned awareness and service.

I was just talking to former client today who shared she’ll be leading 3 global transformational retreats this year and my own heart leapt for joy to witness how she beat burn out and overcame overwhelm to unapologetically CLAIM her reality.

As she transmuted doubt into drive, her bliss was the balm that set her free.

And you are NO different!

What dream destination have you been pinning, what sacred place energizes your soul?

You have the courage to transform perfectionism into passion and make your desires REAL.

All it takes is a decision to open your


To trust the whispers of your HIGHER SELF...

To decide you are worthy of investing in your greatest good and that your dreams are the vehicles through which you uplift all humanity.

The transformation always occurs at a higher level of consciousness as you know, so when you wholly pursue your passion, you clear out all the conditioned chaos which allows you to find flow and take divinely aligned action.

Some specific tips to overcoming start-up stress and tech overwhelm are:

1. Prioritize:

Really feel into which action will move your business further today. Hint: the answer doesn’t lie in your conscious mind, but rather in your intuition so make it a daily priority to drop in and journal about your desires and your why. When you are clear on what you want to achieve and why, the how will appear. It’s key to trust the guidance that comes through, though- if you need to move your body or nourish yourself in a particular way do that. When you get an inspired idea, release the rules and relay it to your tribe. Challenge yourself to shorten the amount of time between inspiration and execution.

Affirmation: time expands to support my needs.

2. Normalize:

Be gentle with yourself and know it’s normal to have many details in your life and biz that demand your attention. Start to investigate what drains you and eliminate that. Explore what energizes you and do more than that. Write down all the tasks you’d like to delegate and allow the Universe to co-create unbelievable solutions to support you on your journey to sacred success.

Affirmation: I am enough.

3. Revitalize:

Take frequent breaks away from technology to bring yourself back into balance. When you’re doing something you love, your creative mind will be working on solutions behind the scenes that will simply amaze you upon returning to a task. Being well-rested will allow you to unwind and have more perspective on what’s truly important so you work smarter, in an aligned way, rather than harder.

Affirmation: when I take care of myself, my biz thrives.

Sacred Success ceases to be a struggle when you have a strategy, so invest in yourself foremost- harness the power of your uniqueness and presence so you can step onto a larger stage and watch as you reap radiant rewards.