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About Jasmine:

CEO of Success Siren and a former opera and theater director, Jasmine Sreenika Crystalsinger is a Sacred Success Strategist and Visibility Alchemist for High Vibe Visionaries looking to leverage their leadership so they can get seen, sign more clients, and wow the world with their magnetic message.

Through her signature course Visibility Alchemy and premium mentorship programs the Leading Lady Intensives, 90-day Superstar Siren Secrets, and 6-month VIP Intuitive Icon Inner Circle as well as well as her monthly membership community the Success Siren Society,

Jasmine helps Soulpreneurs struggling with start-up stress, self-doubt, and tech overwhelm shine on a larger stage so they can sign more soulmate clients and live the luxurious laptop lifestyle of their dreams.



"When I started with Jasmine I had great difficulty really knowing my direction. I found myself very detached from my being and true essence. I was very fragmented. I was also concerned about the financial investment and whether committing to a three month process would be too much to take on. However during the initial conversation with Jasmine, I felt comfortable sharing myself and appreciated how I was received. Jasmine took the time and space to see me where I was.
I really enjoyed the coaching calls and all the energy she brought to the container. The power of being fully witnessed is amazing. No parts of me now feel they are being left behind. As a result, I suddenly started writing poetry which I hadn’t expected. That’s still continuing: I’m still writing poetry, sharing it, and I’m more connected to myself.
I would 100% recommend working with Jasmine to anyone who is fully ready to unleash their creativity, embrace the power of their heart, tap into who they really are and free themselves from self-imposed limitations. I believe anyone who works with her will benefit at every single level of their lives. - Agi Maiden, California
"I had the amazing blessing to have Jasmine be with me last Friday during my video shoot for an upcoming launch and got to experience her brilliance! I already felt comfortable in front of the camera so it amazed me just how much I learned from her and how much more I could bring. She truly took everything up a notch and helped me not only express in a greater way, but really enjoy and have fun in the process, too. What a gift to have her there!" - Shirly Joy Weiss
Thank you so much goddess Jasmine Sreenika Crystalsinger for your laser focused coaching on how to maximize my passions  so I can share my message on video and uplift the world in a very productive way! I love working with you! Thank you for being so committed to empowering women to share their passions and purpose! I'm so grateful to have met you and looking forward to your video training retreat. - Michele Alva

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