Standing Ovation!

If you've made it here, it's by divine design.

It's because you're a Soulpreneur on a mission to wow the world with your magic


something HAs kept you from shining as brightly as you should and instead you're stuck waiting in the wings  while your magnetic message withers.

I can relate.

Born a highly sensitive soul, I struggled to please and achieve until one day at I was fed up with the fear of remaining forever caged (in an ivory tower programming eye-tracking experiments) and I flew the coop.

Accepted at an ace acting conservatory, I finally gave myself permission to set my soul free and through terrifying trial and error, I discovered how to overcome my shyness and communicate with courage.

From performing in front of the former Dutch Queen to directing Shakespeare and baroque theater and opera, my passion has always been spirit-aligned storytelling and charismatic communication.

Now as CEO of Success Siren, my highest calling is to help you courageously step center stage into the spotlight, stream your truth from Source, and bring the house down!

If you're ready to slay stage fright & instead flaunt your fierce,

If you're ready  to ditch perfectionism so you can push play on your dreams today, and

If you're ready to shed the self-doubt and shame that keep you stuck in supporting roles and instead SOAR in the starring role in your life and biz,

Success Siren is here to help you serve from the soul and to show you the way!

To Your Scintillating Success,


how can I help you shine?



pinpoint my purpose

Get clear on your calling and go from dreaming to doing with the Success Siren Starter Kit.


Monetize my magic

Join the Success Siren Society for soulful support and magical monthly content and strategies to help you build your brand, find your flow, and achieve your aspirations.


captivate on camera

Go from best kept secret to industry influencer as you kick procrastination to the curb and share your magnetic message on a larger stage.



"I am privileged to work with a coach as present and intuitive as Jasmine. She was quickly able to connect to the true me and my soul purpose. This awareness allows her to give highly personalized and useful tips for building my business.  Her detailed tips for marketing are unmatched and always reflect my soul purpose. It was so fantastic to be seen authentically and to be supported by her expert advice. Being seen in this way made it exceptionally easy for me to integrate her suggestions and put them into use for attracting my ideal clients.  I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

Dr. Megan Hondru, Chiropractor


"Jasmine is a Soul Whisperer. I love this woman! She activates you into allowing yourself to finally free your voice and release video shame so you can share your truth freely and fulfill your soul + biz mission.
I was drawn to Jasmine instantly when I came across her and connected deeply with her essence. I knew I had to work with her and through our time together I watched as I became a more embodied version of myself day by day. Not only did I got the technical know-how on a-z of video but I also got massive clarity on my soul brand and what I was hear to say. I love and cherish this woman greatly! I highly recommend you work with her - she is pure practical magic."

Heba Tallah, Founder Luminous Femme


"I signed up to Success Siren Secrets because I was totally stuck in getting the business I was set on developing to the next level. I had tried a group programme at huge financial cost and it had not worked for me, and I needed some close one to one mentoring with the right person.

Jasmine is unique in that she is highly charged energetically to get you to the next level by tuning in to where you are on a spiritual level. So the programme goes to the heart of who you are and is totally customised. She also takes no bullshit while being highly empathic.

The early emphasis on treasuring myself lifted my confidence and my energy so I was able in a short number of weeks to :

•       Go live on Facebook with more flow and ease, where I was terrified and depressed about my appearance. I busted through these fears and became quickly fluent, encouraged all the way by Jasmine.
•       Be confident and visible and AUTHENTIC.
•       Devise a set of tasty offerings for my clients in line with who I really am and actually offer them.
•       Carry out a 5 day challenge in my FB group and now have content I can use again.
•       Experience delicious activations uniting me with my priestess energy, which is who I have always been and am meant to be.

Jasmine also IS what she teaches. Beautiful in her radiance and authenticity from focusing on her own goddess energy and potential. She thus teaches by example too. I would without a doubt recommend this programme to others. I am totally empowered now. And I don’t feel dependent. I have been ACTIVATED."

Alison Smith, Creative Counselor & Founder of The Garden Way

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